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In 2020 Bilka celebrates its 50th anniversary, which is marked by a new and colorful advertising universe. Together with Bilka and envision, we have created a magical universe which is going to replace Bilka's successful "Father of 14" commercials. During the shoot, 29 film- and commercial people shot no less than 936 takes with a total of 236 extras at 13 different locations.

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The team

Jonas Bjarnøe Jensen
Producer & Head of Production
M2 Film
Jan P.
Creative Director
M2 Film
Anders Skeldrup
Production Coordinator
M2 Film
Dan Lumbye
Senior Sound Artist
M2 Film
Frederik Gadegaard Tranæs
Visual Production
M2 Film
Frederik Valentin
Visual Production
M2 Film
Jacob Frandsen
Post Producer
M2 Film
Jens Friis
Director & DOP
M2 Film
Simon Maro Hansen
Visual Production
M2 Film
Thorbjørn Schwarz
Editor & Music Supervisor
M2 Film

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