Epic Bus: The Sequel

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Funnier than ever!


It’s still cool
The wheels on the epic Danish bus are going round and round once again. Back in 2012 Midttrafik, M2Film and Thomas Falkenberg from Falkenberg&Falkenberg grabbed the attention of the world media as their epic bus commercial went viral. Now they’ve teamed up again.

The new angle
The challenge this time was: How do you improve on an award winning hit? You just do. By placing the emphasis of the commercial on the bus passenger rather than the bus itself a whole new world of possibilities for hilarity and coolness opened up.

Not just about the laughs
As is often the case with satire the purpose of this commercial is to shake up public perception. The Midttrafik campaign in 2012 served as an inspiration to people and public transport companies all around the world. This time one can only hope the stigma surrounding those who ride the bus is dealt an even larger blow.

Maker of the Most Epic Bus Ad Ever Returns With a Ludicrous Sequel

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