Do Bricks Have Souls?

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The Perfect Brick

Randers Tegl

A tour of Hammershøj Teglværk
Randers Tegl and M2Film worked together to produce this elaborate corporate "show and tell" film introducing the viewer to the magnificent Hammershøj Teglværk and its inner workings.

Bricks aren't just bricks
As your eyes feast on the stunning visuals of the brickworks as well as some of the beautiful buildings that Randers Tegl have supplied bricks for, the film first and foremost serves an informative purpose taking you through the entire meticulous process of making the perfect brick.

Each brick has its own soul - with a structure, surface and colors to go with it.
Andreas Piper, Director of Production & Co-Owner

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Kenneth Svanborg
Director & Team Manager
M2 Film
Thomas Fiil
Motion Art Director
M2 Film
Thorbjørn Schwarz
Editor & Music Supervisor
M2 Film

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