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Sing, sing, sing

Sangens Hus

Nurturing creativity from a young age
Sangens Hus and M2Film collaborated on this signature film for Projekt Sangglad: An initiative to establish 100 Sangglad-certified day care centres all over Denmark by 2020.

Expressing yourself & sharing experiences
Projekt Sangglad seeks to make singing a higher priority in day care centres. To support this inspirational goal, we composed a catchy little song for a group of adorable children to sing - made complete with motion graphic child-like doodles.

Singing leads to creative lives
Sangens Hus

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The team

Claus Hansen
M2 Film
Stinus Morell Vithner
M2 Film
Jacob Frandsen
Post Producer
M2 Film
Jens Friis
Director & DOP
M2 Film
Thomas Fiil
Motion Art Director
M2 Film
Thorbjørn Schwarz
Editor & Music Supervisor
M2 Film

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