Number one – Just like you

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Behind the scenes

Saxo Bank
AdPeople & M2Film

Global campaign
In this new global campaign, called "Number one. Just like you", Saxo Bank launch the first in a series of film showing unseen and authentic everyday processes inside the Bank. With unprecedented access to the heart of the Bank, film director, Kasper Torsting, has followed the two founders of Saxo Bank, Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen, for the past 4 months to see firsthand life inside the Bank.

Behind the scenes
"It's the first time we have aimed to do an integrated campaign that uses all platforms and channels simultaneously. The campaign is a step away from traditional financial communications. Instead, we are being fully transparent about who we are and what we do and conveying those key facts into our messaging through real-life stories, which we believe is an industry first." Henrik Lykkesteen, Head of Global Marketing, comments.

The campaign is the result of a collaboration between Saxo Bank, AdPeople, M2Film and Kasper Torsting who is the man behind documentaries such as “Armadillo”, “Rocket Brothers” and “War Minister”.

The campaign is a step away from traditional financial communications
Henrik Lykkesteen, Saxo Bank

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The team

Ronni Madsen
Vice President
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Creative Director
Bjarke Toft
Line Producer

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