Whatever Happened to Good Service?

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Good Service Isn’t Old-Fashioned


Autopilot always turned off
In collaboration with AGENCY SPRING and XL-BYG, M2Film produced this brand new 3-ad image campaign to show and remind the Danish people that Scandinavia's largest building materials supplier is offering something more than autopilot service.

Going the extra mile
Echoing the credibility and serious attitude of XL-BYG, this ad manages to evoke a “slow tv” feel and documentary-like style by following the actual manager of an actual XL-BYG store expressing his own personal thoughts. The ad efficiently tells the story of hard-working XL-BYG employees waking up early in the morning, ready to meet the tough and varying demands of their customers with a smile on their faces.

What’s happened to the way we service customers in Denmark?
XL-BYG Store Manager

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The team

Jan P.
Creative Director
M2 Film
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M2 Film
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Post Producer Assistant
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