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The Race

Carlsberg Sport

Sport inside
When the drink is Carlsberg Sport anything can happen... and it does. Refreshed with a sip of the drink that has sport inside, the bees launch an adrenalin pumped race - and they stop for nothing!

New level of shooting
This production took shooting to a new and exciting level. Extensive FX shots, high-end CGI and heavy compositing made it all work.

Directed by Peder Pedersen the well trained CGI bees race away in this award winning production.

Race away you eager little bees

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The team

Ole Holm Christensen
Executive Producer
M2 Film
Jan P.
Creative Director
M2 Film
Thomas J. Mikkelsen
M2 Film
Thomas Grønning Knudsen
Head of IT & Security, CISSP, CEH
M2 Film

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