Building dreams

Hilmar & Høgsberg

Wanting to address women, euroda-huse's latest campaign “Building dreams”, featuring real families living in eurodan-homes, was created to comply women’s dreams of a home for the family.

Touch points

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The team

Jan P.
Creative Director
M2 Film
Kristian Skov
Team Manager
M2 Film
Jonas Bjarnøe Jensen
M2 Film (Copenhagen)
Carl A. Schwennesen
Visual Production
M2 Film
Christian Kirkegaard
Motion Graphics Designer
M2 Film (Copenhagen)
Jan Lund Dahlgren
Post Producer
M2 Film
Jens Friis
Director & DOP
M2 Film
Kasper Jensen
Visual Production
M2 Film
Kristian Førland
Motion Art Director
M2 Film
Laurits Rytter Hansen
Motion Graphics Trainee
M2 Film
Mette Lyhne
Set Designer
M2 Film
Steffen Kongshøj
Production Manager
M2 Film

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