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We share coffee, we gather around coffee, and we get cozy with coffee.

Most Danes know BKI as the coffee, which everyone likes. However, the competition in the coffee market is larger than ever, with many competitors using similar visual expressions in their commercials. Together with BKI and Sunrise, we have developed and produced two films to strengthen BKI and its position as the Danes' favorite coffee brand.

The storyline is based on the well-known Danish song “Svantes Lykkelige Dag” and focuses on the special small moments in our everyday life.

So grind your beans, fire up the kettle, and soon coffee is served. 

For all of us who love coffee

The team

Jens Friis
Director & DOP
M2 Film
Jan P.
Creative Director
M2 Film
Kenneth Svanborg
DOP & Team Manager
M2 Film

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