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Remember the sound? The sound of passion. The sound of unity. The sound of a stadium filled with fans chanting. The sound of fans singing the Danish national anthem (Der er et yndigt land / There is a lovely country). Hummel is bringing that feeling back.

Hummel has stitched the very moment and essence, which Denmark stands for, into the very fabric of the Danish national football shirt. By turning "Parken" into a giant soundstage and with the help of 38.000 fans, hummel has created the new Danish national football shirt. To the fans, by the fans.

38.000 voices singing together

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The team

Rasmus Pilgaard
M2 Animation
Ronni Madsen
Vice President
M2 Film
Steffen Kongshøj Producer Manager M2
Steffen Kongshøj
Production Manager
M2 Film
Kenneth Svanborg
DOP & Team Manager
M2 Film
Carl A. Schwennesen
Director of Photography
M2 Film
Frederik Valentin
Director & Editor
M2 Film
Emil Nikolajew Lund
Post Producer
M2 Animation
Jacob Frandsen
Team Lead Post Production
M2 Film
Mikkel Sørensen
Motion Graphics Designer
M2 Film

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