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Ole Kirk's Fond

Soon, the new children's hospital, BørneRiget, will be under construction. We have the pleasure of following and documenting this amazing project and its mission over the next four years.

BørneRiget is a new hospital dedicated to children and their families with play and learning as the most important components – prioritizing the children’s world. In this first film, you will hear about the origin and creation of the project.   

For us, it’s an honor to work with such skilled and competent people – from founders, doctors and architects to Ole Kirk’s Fond, who all want the same thing: The very best for the children.

Read more about the project here: 

This is not just a normal hospital

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Ronni Madsen
Vice President
M2 Film
Stinus Morell Vithner
M2 Film
Jens Friis
Director & DOP
M2 Film
Søren Bech
Post Producer
M2 Film
Jonas Bjarnøe Jensen
Producer & Head of Production
M2 Film
Thomas Fiil
Motion Art Director
M2 Film
Anders Skeldrup
Production Coordinator
M2 Film

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