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Fårup Sommerland
Uncle Grey

Fårup Sommerland is an amusement park in the northern Denmark bringing children and adults together in the best way possible. 

In this commercial we wanted to capture the special moments filled with excitement, joy, love and, of course, lots of candyfloss. Equipped with 8 cameras we filmed 15 families enjoying themselves in Fårup Sommerland. This meant a lot of roller coaster rides and some giddy heads for the camera crew - but also a lot of fun! 

The commercial has been adapted to both television, online and social media with more than 20 versions, such as Instagram stories and Facebook ad formats.

Touch points

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  • TV

The team

Jan P.
Creative Director
M2 Film
Rasmus Pilgaard
M2 Animation
Einar Siggi Bjarnason
Technical Assistant
M2 Film
Simon Maro Hansen
Visual Production
M2 Film
Frederik Gadegaard Tranæs
Visual Production
M2 Film
Ole Jørgensen
Team Lead Production
M2 Film
Thorbjørn Schwarz
Editing Director & Music Supervisor
M2 Film

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